Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Spending Victory: I spent less than $200 on two pairs of glasses!

A few years back I wrote about spending A TON of money on new glasses. Well, it came time to get a new pair, and thankfully this time I did a much better job saving money. Now there are tons of places that offer affordable glasses online, and they even let you try them on before purchasing. I decided to go with these from Warby Parker.

The process was really easy, and they were very concerned about making sure my prescription was perfect. I used their online app to measure my pupillary distance and double checked with a measuring tape.

I had always ordered thinner lenses with special coatings and it was crazy expensive. With Warby Parker, they offer thinner lenses for $30 extra. They will only use thinner lenses if it is necessary for your prescription, and it turns out, I didn't even need them. My glasses cost $95 total and my lenses look totally normal. I'm so annoyed that I had been paying $300 for special lenses all these years when it wasn't even needed.

To top it off, I received $7.50 back from using Ebates, though unfortunately it doesn't look like that it available anymore.

As a backup pair of glasses, I ordered from Coastal (they are still offering 5% back through Ebates) and spent a whopping $14!

I needed an eye exam, so that adds an additional $60 to the total, but I am still SO happy with my new glasses and I'm thrilled it didn't cost me $800 like last time...

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Jeremy said...

I felt like I always had fair priced eye doctors. After moving, I went in for a new prescription and was amazed when my new doc tried to sell me glasses for over $500.
He said he needed to call the lens cutters for a quote and to call him back the next day. I definitely never called him again.