Thursday, November 1, 2012

Extra Income: October 2012

Unfortunately, October was nowhere near as exciting as previous months. It started out incredibly sad and stressful when we found out that our dog would need surgery, and then it ended hiding out from a hurricane. I am hopeful that November will be better!

 I definitely lost my mojo with Swagbucks this month. I only was able to max out on the $5 Amazon gift cards ($25).

Total: $25

However, I am very excited with some changes being made to prize redemption. Basically the "price" of most of the gift cards has been lowered. I think this will change my strategy for the coming month. Plus the daily tracker is back, and I find myself a lot more motivated with those incentives.

I listed an item on eBay and I made $10.

Total: $10

I also made some cash ($3) on other survey sites.

Total: $3

I also sold a book on Amazon, and added $7 in cash.

Total: $7

Grand Total: $45

Compared to the past few months, this is very sad.

Plan for November:

  • I will continue to use Swagbucks
  • I will continue to add photos to my
  • I have listed some items on Ebay. 
  • I am starting to update my Etsy shop. 
  • I almost have enough for a $10 gift card on ShopKick
  • I have also signed up for Bing Rewards and I am close to earning a gift card from that.

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Michelle said...

I've been horrible with Swagbucks lately. I need to increase this!