Friday, September 7, 2012

Extra Income: August 2012

It's a few days late, but I really want to keep track of this!

August 2012

I focused a lot on Swagbucks again this month. I managed to max out on Amazon gift cards ($25) and got four PayPal incentives ($20) as well. I have no active referrals on the site, so all of that was earned through searches and surveys.

I'm pretty excited that Swagbucks has brought back Shop and Earn. I used that a few times, so I will have some Swagbucks credit to my account next month.

Total: $45

I listed an item on eBay and I made $10 from that.

Total: $10

I also made some cash ($3) on other survey sites.

Total: $3

I traded in a pile of books and DVDs to Amazon and I received $131 in gift cards. I also sold textbooks on Amazon, and added $61 in cash.

Total: $192

Grand Total: $250

Edit: I completely forgot that I also got my quarterly money from Ebates! That adds $57.30 to the total.
(PS - I have earned over $700 in cash back from Ebates since I joined in 2008. Are you a member?)

New Total: $307.30

Other Fun Freebies:

Additionally, I won a $200 gift certificate to Amazon from a Twitter contest. SO EXCITING!
I also earned $15 in credit from the Birchbox shop for taking surveys and referrals.

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The Asian Pear said...

wow. that's really great! Good for you!