Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Major Bummer: Surprise Electric Bill

I had really been looking forward to this month's electric bill.

We were away for eleven days and many of them were sweltering in NYC. I was giddy to think that while this was happening all of our appliances were unplugged.

When I got the bill the other day, I ripped it open to see how awesome it was going to be.


What? Are you kidding?!

Turns out because of the Con Ed work stoppage, we got an estimated bill. And they were so kind to estimate it significantly HIGHER than last year's bill.

I threw a tantrum about it and declared that I wasn't paying it.

But I did.

My husband assured me that when the meter is actually read next month we will be credited. I hope this is the case.

Any of New Yorkers get shocked with their electric bills this month?


The Asian Pear said...

Bummer. That sounds like our gas bills. Our house is mostly electric except for heating and they always estimate one month and then have the actual read the next. When they have a higher estimate than we use, we get a credit.

Anonymous said...

was this corrected? I should get 200 bucks in credit but haven't yet. the most current bill was back to normal but no credit given.