Friday, July 6, 2012

The Disparity between Online and Store Prices

I love shopping online, and I (gulp) tend to do it quite a bit. Somehow I think that I am always getting the best price since I wait for sales and then combine even more savings by searching for coupons and going through Ebates. However, I realized on a recent trip to the mall, that I might not always be getting the best deal.

I offer you the three items that I purchased at the Gap the other day:

On the website the dress is $79.95 and the shirts are $29.95 each. If I ordered this online I would have paid $139.85 before any discounts. Right now the Gap is offering a 25% code online (GAPBOOM), but that excludes the shirts from Threadless. So the dress would have come down to $59.96 and the total would have been $119.86.  Ebates is currently offering 2% cash back at the Gap, so that would save an additional $2.39. So all in all, this would have cost $117.47. 

Instead as I was looking through the store I found that all of these items were on sale. The dress was marked down to $39.99 and the shirts were $19.99 and $11.97. (Total: $71.95) In addition to that, Gap was offering 40% off of sale items! (Total: $43.16)

If we stopped there, that is already a difference of $74.31 from the online price to the store price!

But it was Tuesday, so I got an additional 10% off. (Total: $39.34)

PLUS, I had a $5 giftcard that I had received via the Wrapp app on my phone. (Total: $34.34)

Total paid: $34.34!

Total difference: $83.13!

That is absolutely crazy that there is such a HUGE difference between the online price and the store price. Now, Gap will do a price adjustment but only if there was no other promotion or coupon used. I never shop without some kind of coupon or discount, so this would never apply to me.

Have you noticed crazy discrepancies between online vs. B&M stores?

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