Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Major Bummer: Surprise Electric Bill

I had really been looking forward to this month's electric bill.

We were away for eleven days and many of them were sweltering in NYC. I was giddy to think that while this was happening all of our appliances were unplugged.

When I got the bill the other day, I ripped it open to see how awesome it was going to be.


What? Are you kidding?!

Turns out because of the Con Ed work stoppage, we got an estimated bill. And they were so kind to estimate it significantly HIGHER than last year's bill.

I threw a tantrum about it and declared that I wasn't paying it.

But I did.

My husband assured me that when the meter is actually read next month we will be credited. I hope this is the case.

Any of New Yorkers get shocked with their electric bills this month?

Free Amazon MP3 credit from Pepsi

Don't forget to follow Pepsi on Twitter and tweet #PepsiMusicNow to receive your free credit for Amazon's MP3 store.

Amazon is currently offering 20 "Gold-Certified" songs for just $.25 each!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Awesome Finds at Old Navy

I have been seeing some of the same pieces from Old Navy on so many different blogs that I just had to check them out for myself. I was pleasantly surprised!

Old Navy at ShopStyle
These dresses are absolutely adorable. There are quite a few other colors and patterns, but they seem to be sold out online. I got the navy and green hearts and the red polka dot. They are lightweight and very flattering! I was honestly shocked at how perfect this dress was. Good job, Old Navy!

Old Navy at ShopStyle
There has been a lot of buzz about these sweaters because they are very similar to some styles at J.Crew, but much more affordable. Very cute! Here is the J.Crew version if you want to compare:

J.Crew at ShopStyle

Old Navy at ShopStyle
These cardigans were great as well. They are lightweight, which is perfect for summer evenings or crazy airconditioning, and also nice and long. Love the polka dots!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Extra Income: July 2012

I used to be very dutiful about keeping track of any extra money/gift cards that I made online, but sadly I have gotten out of that habit. Let's try this again!

July 2012

I really focused on Swagbucks this month, where I had long been neglecting it. I managed to max out on Amazon gift cards ($25) and I tried one PayPal incentive ($5) as well. I have no active referrals on the site, so all of that was earned through searches and surveys.

I still love the Amazon gift cards since the price is low compared to other gift cards, but I don't like keeping balances on reward sites. Remember that if you are a new member you can earn an additional 60 SBs with the code SBISONTHEGO until August 3rd.

Total: $30

I listed some items on eBay and I made $35 from that. I didn't even sell anything major: I cleaned out my makeup/skincare sample stash and sold lots on eBay.

Total: $35

I also made some cash ($3) and gift cards ($7) on other survey sites.

Total: $10

I traded in a pile of DVDs to Amazon and I received $23 in gift cards.

Total: $23

Grand Total: $98

Other Fun Freebies:

Additionally, I won a $25 gift certificate to Baublebar from a Twitter Trivia contest. I also earned $5 in credit from the Birchbox shop for taking surveys.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Amazon MP3: 40 songs for $.25 each

Amazon has 40 songs marked down to $.25 each. Hopefully you can use some of the recent free MP3 credit to get some free music!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bonus Swagbucks for New Members

I love Swagbucks. Since I have joined, I have earned over $500 in gift cards through simple searches, surveys, videos, and referrals. This month alone I have earned $20 in Amazon gift cards, and that is with me taking an eleven day break to travel.

Right now Swagbucks is offering an additional 60 SBs for new members when you use the code SBISONTHEGO. This code is valid until Friday, August 3rd at 11:59 p.m. PT.

They have also just lauched a Swagbucks mobile site for iPhone and Android, making it even easier to earn SBs.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Great Deals on MP3s from Amazon

If you are hanging on to any Amazon MP3 credit from the Amazon Local deal or the code HEARTMP3, then you should definitely check out some of the amazing MP3 deals that Amazon is currently offering.

 Right now they are running some amazing deals on indie music. This includes Belle and Sebastian, Liz Phair, She & Him, Death Cab for Cutie, and many other artists.

 Not into indie music? You can get "Call Me Maybe" for a quarter!

 There is also a great selection of albums for $4.99 or less!

I LOVE these deals so much! Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Deals for 7/10/12 - Music and Manicures

  • Don't forget if you follow @Pepsi on Twitter and use the hash tag #PepsiMusicNow you get a code for $1.29 off at Amazon's MP3 store.
  • Julep, one of my favorite nail polish brands, is having an AMAZING sale today. Get two polishes and a full size pedi creme for just $14.99 with free shipping by using the promo code HEAT.
  • Plus you can join Julep's Maven program for just a penny by using the code TWITTER1.
  • Monday, July 9, 2012

    Free $2 MP3 Credit at Amazon

    Go here and use the code HEARTMP3 to get $2 in MP3 credit. You must redeem the credit by 11:59 p.m. PST on July 11th, 2012.


    Saturday, July 7, 2012

    Is a membership to AMC Stubs worth it?

    Last year when I got notice that AMC was changing their rewards program from free to $12 a year, I was bummed. I was definitely not planning on paying for the new program, but then I found a 50% off code and I decided to go for it.

    With the old program, I earned a free small popcorn with the purchase of 5 movie tickets. Honestly, I didn't cash in many rewards because we did not go to the movie that often. I think I received the free popcorn and maybe a free drink. But I was content because I was getting something extra and it was free.

    With the new program, AMC Stubs, I get a $10 voucher with every $100 spent. It doesn't sound too great, but it is actually pretty fantastic.

    I never pay full price to go to the movies. Every time there is a Fandango code available from daily deal sites, I grab it. So say I paid $4 for a ticket. Well the AMC program applies the full value of the Fandango ticket to my total - around $10 and sometimes more! So really, I end up reaching the $100 threshold fairly quickly.

    In the year that I have been a member I have received $25 in total rewards. Plus I have waived $12 in fees from Fandango. You can even use your rewards to renew your membership, so I only paid $2 for another year.

    So in total, I have paid $8 for the program that I absolutely did not want to pay for, and I have received way more than that in rewards and benefits.

    Friday, July 6, 2012

    The Disparity between Online and Store Prices

    I love shopping online, and I (gulp) tend to do it quite a bit. Somehow I think that I am always getting the best price since I wait for sales and then combine even more savings by searching for coupons and going through Ebates. However, I realized on a recent trip to the mall, that I might not always be getting the best deal.

    I offer you the three items that I purchased at the Gap the other day:

    On the website the dress is $79.95 and the shirts are $29.95 each. If I ordered this online I would have paid $139.85 before any discounts. Right now the Gap is offering a 25% code online (GAPBOOM), but that excludes the shirts from Threadless. So the dress would have come down to $59.96 and the total would have been $119.86.  Ebates is currently offering 2% cash back at the Gap, so that would save an additional $2.39. So all in all, this would have cost $117.47. 

    Instead as I was looking through the store I found that all of these items were on sale. The dress was marked down to $39.99 and the shirts were $19.99 and $11.97. (Total: $71.95) In addition to that, Gap was offering 40% off of sale items! (Total: $43.16)

    If we stopped there, that is already a difference of $74.31 from the online price to the store price!

    But it was Tuesday, so I got an additional 10% off. (Total: $39.34)

    PLUS, I had a $5 giftcard that I had received via the Wrapp app on my phone. (Total: $34.34)

    Total paid: $34.34!

    Total difference: $83.13!

    That is absolutely crazy that there is such a HUGE difference between the online price and the store price. Now, Gap will do a price adjustment but only if there was no other promotion or coupon used. I never shop without some kind of coupon or discount, so this would never apply to me.

    Have you noticed crazy discrepancies between online vs. B&M stores?

    Thursday, July 5, 2012

    Free $3 Amazon MP3 Voucher from Amazon Local

    Amazon Local is offering a free $3 voucher to use in the MP3 store. You will need to provide a credit card, but it will not be charged. This is good for any songs or MP3s and the credit expires on July 11th.

    Now you could get The Hunger Games soundtrack for free!

    Tuesday, July 3, 2012

    $.99 Album Downloads on Amazon

    Amazon has a bunch of great albums on sale for just $.99!

    Plus, if you follow @Pepsi on Twitter and use the hash tag #PepsiMusicNow you get a code for $1.29 off, making these free!

    Sunday, July 1, 2012

    The Hunger Games Soundtrack - $2.99 on Amazon

    I couldn't pass up the soundtrack for The Hunger Games. There is a lot of great music on this and it is only $2.99!