Thursday, April 5, 2012

Victory Over Ticketmaster Fees

I buy a lot of concert tickets. Honestly, I would never want to see how much it has all cost me. But going to shows is important to me, so I plan my finances accordingly.

American Express offers cash back incentives through three main social media platforms: foursquare, twitter, and facebook. You link your card and then sign up for various offers. Last month they featured a deal for $50 back on a $100 Ticketmaster purchase. I bought a gift card since there were (shockingly) no tickets that I needed. It was $102.50 (See! Fees! Ugh!), and I got my $50 credit to my account within a few days. So I paid $52.50 for $100 in credit.

This morning I used my gift card for tickets to see Glen Hansard at the Beacon Theatre. It came to $97 after the insane fees, but I only paid $52.50. $3 is left on the card, so that could go to a small fraction of fees on another purchase.

Unfortunately, the deal is dead. But definitely keep an eye on the deals from American Express. I love that I don't have to remember to use a coupon. Once it is on your account, you just use your credit card like you normally would.

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