Monday, October 18, 2010

An Update to My Review: The Dreamer Boot-Cut Jeans at Old Navy

A few months ago I raved about the Dreamer boot-cut jeans at Old Navy. They were cheap (19!) and they fit well. Unfortunately my love affair has ended. I still like the fit, but the jeans have already started to become worn out. I always carry Burt's Bees lip balm (that is an always and forever love!) and it seems like it has started to wear away at the jeans from inside the pocket. Little holes are developing, and I really haven't worn these jeans that much in the two months that I have had them.  Sad.  I tried to save some money, but I guess I would have been better off buying a more expensive pair of jeans that I knew would last.

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Sarah Bee said...

Yeah, Old Navy has gone down so much in quality in the past few years! As soon as I'm done buying "transition" clothes (ones that I only need to wear for a month or so at a time) I am going to completely stop supporting them. Replacing things - even cheap things - every few months because they are worn out is not cost effective!