Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Spending Confession - $800 on New Glasses

Buying new glasses is really expensive, especially since I don't have vision coverage through my insurance. I attempted to save some money by buying my frames online. I nervously ordered a pair of Kate Spade Elisabeth glasses from Frames Direct, after studying the website for hours. I finally learned what the little numbers mean that are written inside glasses, and what that means for sizing. Though Frames Direct offers lenses as well, for pretty reasonable prices, I purchased just the frames, since I am really picky and I wasn't sure if I would like the lenses.

Well, my glasses came and I really liked them. Except since they were black plastic, they were definitely making a statement. I wanted something a little bit softer, so I ordered another pair of Kate Spade Liesel glasses, again without lenses.

I was feeling good about myself for being so savvy. The two pairs of Kate Spade glasses only cost me around $200, plus I got cash back from Ebates for one pair and points from MyPoints for the other.

When I went for my eye exam today, I quickly lost my high from the savings. The lenses cost nearly six hundred dollars! Like I said, I have no vision coverage, and my prescription is pretty strong so I had to get thinner lenses to avoid the Coke bottle effect. Plus I added a coating so I don't destroy them as quickly.

I know that I did save money. I got two pairs of glasses for around $800, while a few months back, my husband paid $600 for a pair of glasses. I know there are discount glasses sites online, but given the fact that I wear them every day, and the fact that I've had my last pair for over four years, I feel like it is worth it for us to spend the extra money. If I get another four years of use out of the glasses that I have, it will only cost around 25 cents a day. But still, yikes.


Penny said...

Ouch! Sorry about those expenses! But (1) you need glasses and (2) you shouldn't have to sacrifice fashion all of the time, right? :) Do you have an HSA or FSA that could help you pay for them? I love having access to one of those accounts so I can put aside money for unexpected payments like this!

Anonymous said...

As someone without vision insurance who is also planning to replace her glasses this year, I feel your pain. I actually expect mine to cost more, since I want transitions lenses and an anti-reflective coating, on top of the thin lens and protective coating.