Monday, September 13, 2010

A Small Shopping Victory

So do you remember that amazing typewriter shirt that I desperately wanted from Anthropologie?

Well I found it in my size in the store!

So I'm guessing you might be thinking that my victory is that I bought it, right?

Nope. The victory is that I didn't!

In the past I would have run to the counter to buy the shirt the second that I found it in my size. Instead, I grabbed two sizes and headed to the fitting room.

When I tried it on, I realized that I didn't even like it that much. The print is amazing and I love it, but the fabric is very thin. There is a pocket on the chest (a detail that I hate!) plus since the fabric was so thin, the doubling of fabric for the pocket looked bizarre. It was originally $68, and on sale for $40. Nice discount, but still way too much money for such a low quality item.

So I said goodbye to the pattern that I loved, and left the store empty handed.


Thousand Pennies said...

I love your blog! It takes so much of my strength not to buy something when I'm in a store--especially because I hate to try things on. Congratulations and thanks for the inspiration!

me in millions said...

Go girl! You have to really LOVE an item before you buy it and sounds like this just didn't make the cut.