Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Demise of the Jackson Fit at Banana Republic

A few months ago, Banana Republic nearly made me cry when they banished my favorite Jackson fit pants to the online only realm. This was after doing terrible things to it like adding pockets to the hips (really? Pockets on the hips of the curvy line?) and taking away any option of lined dress pants. When I checked their website, and saw only one pair in a weird cotton, shiny blend, I seriously almost started to cry.

Thankfully they did bring some dress pants back, but they still have the annoying pockets on the hips.

I realized that I would have to try other pants, since I fear the Jackson will be completely dead and buried soon. I decided to give the new Gap Magic dress pants a shot, and I really liked them. They are a lighter material, and they are unlined, but they have enough of a stretch to fit without gapping in the back. I was shocked that they weren't the Curvy fit because they fit so well.

PS - I dream of an existence where I do not know the names of different dress pants.


Penny said...

Have you tried Gap's Modern Boot in these new versions as well? I usually go for their curvy option, but the Modern Boot turned out to be a surprising favorite!

Anonymous said...

OMG, I'm so late on this. I just never thought i would have a problem finding another couple pairs after I picked up the first last year. These jackson fit with the coin pocket are the most fabulous pants. The jackson fit they are so nice. not flimsy. WHY and where did they sad. I'm scouring the internet now for any...