Monday, August 9, 2010

What I Learned at a Josh Ritter Concert

This weekend was absolutely crazy and amazing. On Friday and Saturday I was at BlogHer (Don't worry, I will be writing a lot about that once I am able to wrap my head around the whole experience!) and then on Saturday night we headed up to Tarrytown to see Josh Ritter.

I purchased the tickets directly from the Tarrytown Music Hall, and I was very pleased with how reasonably priced the they were and also by the fact that they did not add on an outrageous service charge. They also have an amazing website that allows you to choose your exact seats. When we were buying the tickets, we spent way too much time trying to figure out which seats to pick, and ultimately we made the wrong decision. We ended up seated next to the most obnoxious person in my concert going history. She wailed over Josh, stomped off-beat, talked over the quiet songs, and did the most elaborate seat dancing/flailing that I have ever seen. It was completely distracting and rude, and I was feeling bummed and my husband was getting angry.

He kept asking me if we could move up to the mezzanine, which had some empty seats. Initially I rejected this proposal on a matter of principle: I had paid more for the orchestra seats, and it wasn't fair that we would have to give that up to get away from her. Eventually I relented when her howling became too much to bear.

I am SO happy that we changed seats. The sound was clearer upstairs, and the view was great. I could actually enjoy the show, instead of being distracted and annoyed. The lesson I learned: be flexible. We could have stayed in the first seats and had a miserable time, but instead we moved. Though we lost out on the extra money that we paid, we upgraded our experience.

Someone had handed out glow sticks to the entire audience, complete with instructions not to light them until a specific moment in the song "Lantern." The result was awesome, and I am so glad it was captured on video.

So despite its shaky start, the concert was absolutely wonderful. I am so glad we moved, because it gave us plenty of free space to dance wildly with our glow sticks. If you are not familiar with Josh Ritter, check out his new album, So Runs the World Away, because it is seriously amazing. He is one of the finest songwriters I have ever heard, and I was even able to use one of his songs in a lesson plan that my students loved.

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