Thursday, August 12, 2010

Review: The Dreamer Boot-Cut Jeans at Old Navy

I have two kinds of jeans: the kind that you can dress up, and the kind that should never be worn out of the house under any circumstances.

So I was looking for some new jeans that could be worn for casual occasions, but that still looked nice enough that I didn't have to hide if I saw someone while wearing them.

I haven't had a lot of luck with Old Navy jeans in recent years. I found that they were cut way too low, or just fit kind of strange. I was looking at their site recently, and I discovered that they actually have different cuts now. (It's been a long time...)

I checked out The Dreamer jeans, and I was immediately intrigued - it was cut higher, it had a contoured waistband (critical for the ladies like me, with ample junk in the trunk), and a slimming lining. At the time they were only $19, so I gave it a shot.

When I got them I immediately tried them on, and I was shocked. They fit! And they looked good! And they were comfortable! I went back online and ordered two more pairs in other colors.

I'm not sure how dressy you could go with these jeans - the stitching is a little wonky in places - but they are well worth the price. They are currently on sale again for $19.

Disclaimer - I got absolutely nothing for this review, I just really liked the jeans and thought that they were a great deal. However, the above link is an affiliate link.

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