Wednesday, August 4, 2010

One Man's Trash...

While we were cleaning up at my job, I watched in horror as my colleague threw a box of brand new books in the garbage. We didn't need the books anymore, but we desperately needed the space. I knew that I couldn't let this happen, since it was such an incredible waste.

I asked if I could take the books and try to sell them. I was told to go for it. They were in the garbage, so it was fair game.

So I took them. And no, this was not the first time I've rescued books. I remember finding a huge pile of brand new books on the curb with the garbage by my college, and I rescued those as well, even though it was a bit unwieldy to get them home on the subway.

Well I just got paid for all the books that I saved from the garbage at my job. Through various buyback programs I made:

$16.50 in Amazon gift cards - When I looked the books up on Amazon, there was a link to sell them back to earn gift card credit. I received confirmation that the books were received today, and the credit was immediately deposited in my account.
$48.97 from TextbookRus
$52.35 from eCampus

I got $117.82 for books that were getting thrown out! I only wish I could have saved more (sadly there were more) but those were deep in the garbage can, and though I am nuts, I'm not that nuts.


Miss Moo said...

i think that's awesome!

i work in a public library and am amazed at some of the the things we get rid of (though most are not really in sellable condition). conversely, i'm also amazed at some of the crap people donate to the library. seriously had a book COMPLETELY RIPPED IN HALF with the cover blacked out with a sharpie. how generous! :)

we like to "donation dive" on occasion to see what's there :)

anywho....well done!

me in millions said...

That's AWESOME! Go buy yourself something nice :)

Anonymous said...

Throwing away useful items like books is one of my pet peeves. Thank you for rescuing them. Besides your financial reward it was the "green" thing to do.

Teresa said...

Do they have to be textbooks. Will Amazon buy novels from you? I have a bunch of novels that I have read and really need the money, can I sell these on Amazon.