Friday, August 13, 2010

I'm Tired of Burning My Hair: Why I Need a New Hair Dryer

Staying at two different hotels this past weekend has taught me something very important...

I need a new hairdryer.

At first I was annoyed at myself that I had forgotten to pack my own, but after I used the ones that were available at the hotels, I quickly changed my mind.

I've always had problems with hair dryers. When I was a kid we had a bright orange hair dryer that my mom used to torture me with. It would get excruciatingly hot and would burn my head. Occasionally it would even freak out and suck my hair into it. Have you ever smelled burnt hair? It's not good.

As a side note, I should mention that she also got a round brush tightly wound at the front of my head that she had to cut out.

The day before class pictures.

Then I had a Snoopy hair dryer. It was adorable, but unfortunately I never figured out how to turn it on.

Then about five years ago, I purchased my current model. I thought it would be perfect, because there was a brush that attached itself to the hair dryer. You know how skillful and graceful it looks when a stylist is blowing out your hair? Yeah, I can't do that. Not even close. In fact I usually give up halfway through and leave the back wet because I am tangled, bored, and still fearing that my hair will burn like it did when my mom would torture me with that bright orange hair dryer so many years ago.

So this past weekend was like a revelation to me. Hair dryers could work quickly! And make my hair look nice! And not set it on fire!

I started researching hair dryers today, and yikes, they are expensive. Like $200 expensive. Part of me realizes that $200 is really not much to pay to ensure that my hair does not end up in tangled flames... but, ouch.
This T3 Featherweight seems to be the current contender, but I need to figure out a deal because I am not thrilled about the idea of spending $200 on a hair dryer.

Even a pretty one that won't set me on fire.

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marlatiara said...

Nuh uh. You need a new *blender* not a new hair dryer. ;)