Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Daily Smoothie

My friend Marla over at A Place to Write Things, just got a fancy new Vitamix and hearing about her daily smoothie, has inspired me to start making a smoothie every morning as well.

Last week at Trader Joe's I finally found the frozen pomegranate seeds that I had been looking for, and I was so excited to try them. Unfortunately I thought they were kind of gross when I ate them on their own, but they have been amazing in smoothies. So my smoothies have been consisting of frozen pomegranate seeds, frozen strawberries, frozen raspberries, and a frozen banana. I throw in some milk and a bit of vanilla extract. Delicious.

I love that I can just use whatever we have on hand to make a smoothie. I've thrown in some sad looking blueberries. I froze a cup of banana yogurt when we ran out of banana. I've added frozen spinach, which I am still shocked that I can't taste. I dumped some frozen mango in today. Every morning I think we are completely out of acceptable smoothie making ingredients, but with a little creativity, I can still make something really delicious.

In the past when I made smoothies I would try to drink all of it, which would be difficult because when I am just dumping things in the blender it can get to be a bit much. Marla used the excess to make popsicles, which I think is a fabulous idea. I've been keeping the leftovers in the fridge, and then at lunchtime I "revive" the smoothie by added more frozen fruit. The addition of fruit makes it a bit different than what I had for breakfast, so I'm not bored with it.

So what is your favorite kind of smoothie?

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Marla said...

I think that, having made a daily smoothie for about three weeks now, my favorite is, well, the coffee one I made today. Which isn't really a smoothie, it's more of a frappe, but it had spinach in it so it should count! ;)