Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Finally Some Good News...

I finally have some good news on the financial front: that impending layoff that I wrote about a while ago has been called off. For now. My husband got a call today that he will at least be safe now until the end of the year, and then they will have to see what the budget is like at that point.

I am happy, but on the other hand, this constant back and forth is getting really old and stressful. It's hard to plan for the future when neither of us really feel confident in our jobs. But for now, we have to just be thankful that we both will still be working.

I want to become more accountable with my spending, since that was the point of this blog with I created it. But honestly, it is a bit embarrassing. Though the money usually goes in all the places that it is supposed to go, I am nowhere near as meticulous as other PF bloggers and I know that I could and should be doing better.

I shop. A lot. Particularly when I am stressed. And lay-offs make me stressed. Counter-intuitive I know, but hey, I am being honest here. When I first found out he was being laid off I spend a lot on all the luxury items that I knew I wouldn't be able to afford when the lay off actually happened. It only made sense to stockpile my expensive makeup, right?

So anyway, enough of that. It just adds to more stress and clutter that I don't need.

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your husband said...

Agreed! No crazy shopping sprees.