Monday, August 2, 2010

Extra Income for July

I want to start keeping track of extra income that I make online. Right now I have no system, and really I am curious to see how well I am doing. People always laugh at me for doing surveys and other things online, but it really does add up!

Cash from Survey Sites
Pinecone - $9

Total - $31

Cash from other ventures
$13.50 from selling on Etsy
$40 from selling a purse on Ebay

Total - $53.50

Gift Cards
Swagbucks - $25 in Amazon gift cards
$10 iTunes
Lightspeed - $5 in Amazon gift cards
MySurvey - $10 in Amazon gift cards

Total - $50

Grand Total for July - $134.50


Aspiring Millionaire said...

I do this too. That's a great amount for July. Good work!

laura said...

Great work last month :-)

emily @ the happy home said...

this is FANTASTIC! i just stumbled across your blog from BlogFrog, and I"m jealous! i'm going to be taking a LOT of your advice.