Monday, March 1, 2010

One Year of Entertainment Weekly - $10

Right now Entertainment Weekly is on sale at Amazon for just $10 for one year. This is a savings of 95% off of the cover price! This is an auto-renewal subscription, but you can cancel the auto renew at any time.

You can use gift certificates from Swagbucks to make it even cheaper. Remember that new members can use the code SAVINGCENTS1 to start with 60 Swagbucks.


Lillie said...

For entertainment buffs, this is a great deal at $10. The thing to watch out for is the automatic renewal. Thanks for the information.

Miss Fletcher said...

I read EW religiously! Also, if you know any teachers whose schools do magazine fundraisers, they usually get a discount. I get all my magazines for 40% off (and I hook my friends up too!)