Wednesday, January 13, 2010

An Impromptu Grammar Lesson

Today I noticed this on the back of one of the chairs in my classroom:

Do I teach these kids nothing?! I used it in all of my classes to go over the difference between your and you're. The kids were cracking up as I explained that you can say, "Your face is ugly!" or "You're ugly!" I told them that I was just so disappointed that the graffiti was grammatically incorrect.

It's funny, because it was the best response that I have ever gotten for a grammar lesson. I think I may go around the school tomorrow and take pictures of more graffiti to see if I can use any of that to teach them any other lessons.

Sometimes my job exhausts me and I want to run away. I have to remember that I play an important role in helping these kids use proper grammar while they vandalize the desks and chairs in my classroom.


FB @ said...

I love your new blog layout by the way

And when I was a kid, a teacher who made the work relevant to my life, fun or interesting, really made an impact on my learning experience

That's such a cool way to teach

And it is totally your duty to teach them how to vandalize correctly.

me in millions said...

Umm... That's awesome. You're the best teacher ever!! (And I used you're correctly too!) ;)

Anny said...

HAHAHAHA! That will teach them! In 8th grade my teacher gave us a lesson on insulting people without cursing. I still remember dragging out "churlish" with relish.

reub-envision said...

Sounds like a grand grammar lesson to me.
(I will have you know blogging about grammar makes me nervous about making mistakes in my comments.)