Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How much would you spend on _____________?

Inspired by Budgets are Sexy, Krystal, and Fabulously Broke.

My answers:

Purse (or Wallet): I've spent close to $400 for a purse. I think I'd go up to $500.
Winter jacket: $400
A pair of (knee-high) boots: $250
Formal dress (or suit): $300
Pants (inc. jeans): $150
Computer: $3000
Tennis Shoes: $100

Yes, I clip coupons. Yes, I carry a $400 purse.

My husband's answers:

Purse (or Wallet): $50 (He argued me on this because he claims guys don't buy wallets. They receive them as gifts and use them until they get a new one.)
Winter jacket: $200
A pair of boots: $75
Suit: $500
Pants (inc. jeans): Pants - $100/ Jeans - $40
Computer: $1500
Tennis Shoes: He thinks he is too fancy to wear sneakers.


Revanche said...

I use the phrase "tennis shoes" or "sneakers" to mean the same thing: my running shoes or comfortable shoes. Is that so wrong?

me in millions said...

I clips coupons. And I like expensive things. You save in some areas so you can splurge in others :)