Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Grand Day Out

I just got home from a long day in Manhattan. We tried to go to the Tim Burton exhibit at MoMA, but it was way too crowded and ended up being sold out for the day. It would have been free with my husband's work ID. After that didn't work out we kind of wandered aimlessly for a bit, which was lovely since it was a beautiful day out today.

We eventually ended up down by Union Square in search of a restaurant that I didn't really know the name or location of, which led to more wandering. We stumbled upon Wildwood BBQ, which we had been meaning to try for some time. We ended up running up our most expensive restaurant bill ever, but paid in cash that my mom had given us for our wedding anniversary. Including the tip it was $110, and $39 of that was for drinks.

After dinner we walked a million avenues to see The Nature Theater of Oklahoma perform a crazy misheard version of Romeo and Juliet, which was pretty hilarious.

Now we are back home, drinking iced tea for a bit before bed.

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