Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 5 without Cable

I was talking with a friend today about how we just got rid of cable. I always knew that I wasted a lot of time, but he made me really sad when we figured out that I was passively watching (I mean that I would watch random things on television, rather than specific shows that I enjoy) over 3-4 hours of television a day. "Wow," he commented, "that was over one full day each week."

I've always complained that I didn't have enough time. Well, there it is, being squandered away in endless Law and Order or TLC marathons that I didn't even care about. I thought that I would freak out without cable, but so far I don't miss it one bit. Granted we are only on day eight of 2010, but I have kept all of my daily resolutions thus far. I feel better and my mind feels less cloudy. Instead of staring at the television, I have been reading and writing - the two things that I've always longed to do, but never really prioritized in my life.

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