Saturday, January 9, 2010

$740 on Glasses and Contacts - Yikes!

It's been a very expensive day. Both my husband and I wear glasses, and we haven't gotten new ones in quite some time. At first we both planned to go, but then I relieved that the bill would be so disgustingly expensive, that he just went instead since his glasses are in really bad shape and the anti-glare coating is all scratched. Turns out that one of his lenses was WAY too strong, which is scary since he has been having really bad headaches for the past few years. Hopefully getting the prescription fixed will help him. Anyway, the damage ended up being $600. Yikes.

Now I know that we could buy cheaper frames and lenses, but given that we wear them pretty much all day every day, it just makes sense for us to spend more money on them. Plus, his prescription is so bad that if we didn't get him the really expensive thin lenses, then they would constantly fall out of the frames.

Since we were already spending insane amounts of money on eyewear, I decided to reorder my contacts since I had one right lens left (Yeah, don't know how that happened) and that ended up costing $140. At least I will be getting 5% back from Ebates.


me in millions said...

Wow. It's times like this that I feel really lucky that my dad is an eye dr. and I get all of that stuff for free.

Sarah said...

I just had my eyes tested for the first time in 15 years and it turns out I'm nearsighted with astigmatism. We grudgingly ordered glasses from the eye place and I went with the cheapest frames that I liked and the cheaper lenses and the cost was $127 - including the exam. BUT Danny told me about an awesome site that makes good quality glasses for CHEAP. It takes quite a while to ship (he ordered on April 2nd and they shipped on April 28th) but the prices are totally worth it. We're going to be ordering from there shortly: prescription sunglasses and anti-reflection coated glasses. The total with shipping so far? $34.75!