Sunday, November 8, 2009

Triple Coupons at Waldbaum's

This week there are triple coupons at Waldbaum's. My shopping trip was epic. One that will be remembered for eternity, both for the deals that were scored and the adversary that I faced along the way.

Waldbaum's finally allows internet coupons and has been advertising it in the circular for weeks. I planned many a sweet deal using internet coupons and I haven't had any trouble with them, until today.

The cashier looked at them and told me that they didn't accept them. I countered that it has been advertised in the circular for weeks now that they do. He tried arguing some nonsense that these were not "circular coupons." The people behind me were invading my personal space and I was getting frustrated. He then asked if he wanted me to ask a manager about the coupons. He called over and said, "Brian, can you explain to her that she is wrong about the store accepting these coupons." Brian told him that the policy changed and to scan them, and my cashier continued muttering strange things throughout the transaction. Amidst all of this I was trying to keep the people behind me from completely invading my personal space, (Major grocery store pet peeve! Do not push me while my transaction is being rung up!) and the guy even tried to push a cart past me while I was in the aisle. My husband told the guy to chill and finally the transaction from hell was done.

Interestingly enough, despite the fact that my cashier was studying every coupon that I handed up, all of the ones under 99 cents tripled, despite the fact that some said DO NOT DOUBLE OR TRIPLE across the top. I'm not really sure what he was scrutinizing so thoroughly.

Before coupons or sales, the total was $154.52. After the club card was scanned, it came to $94.86 and after coupons it was $60.91! I saved $93.61!

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