Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Prep

I've been cooking since I've gotten home from school in preparation for tomorrow. We're not hosting, since last year our neighbors decided to be particularly obnoxious on Thanksgiving. So we are bring a bunch of stuff to my husband's family's house.

I made these mashed potatoes. The recipe called for cream cheese, which I have never heard of before, but I decided to go for it. They kind of freaked me out at first because they really smelled like cream cheese, but they turned out pretty good.

Then I made these pumpkin rolls. I wish I took pictures during the process, because dealing with that much dough was pretty ridiculous. Mine don't look as pretty as the ones in the picture, but they are delicious, especially with amazing Irish butter.

Right now I am still cooking sweet potatoes. I'm not really following a recipe for those - just mashing them, covering them with marshmallows, and baking them.

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