Thursday, November 12, 2009


I'm really glad on days like this that I have a stockpile of free Excedrin from CVS. Work today was stupid. It started with someone stealing my parking spot while I was in the middle of parallel parking. UGH. Then during homeroom the lightbulb in my projector overheated and popped, causing smoke to come out. AWESOME. I called the tech guy over to fix it, but apparently they have no light bulbs, and instead had to switch out projectors. So he switched projectors while my freshmen were writing an in class essay. Next week we are having these crazy observations, so everyone is nuts and freaking out. Plus at some point during the day I accidentally convinced myself that it was Friday, so I'm so bummed that I have to go back there tomorrow.

I just can't wait for Thanksgiving. Four day weekend, end of the trimester, and no more crazy observations. SIGH.

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