Friday, November 6, 2009

Sewing FAIL

So I recently had two pairs of work pants become unwearable, but initially I wasn't concerned because I had a new pair of Banana Republic pants that I bought of sale last year waiting in my closet. I took them out and tried them on last week and I was confused when they didn't zip. I checked them and it turns out that the zipper was broken and missing that little metal thing that keeps the zipper together. I bought them a long time ago and the receipt is long gone, but I'm so annoyed that I just grabbed them without making sure that they were okay. They were on sale for $60, but now that is $60 that I just threw away.

Anyway, last week I decided to try to make them wearable so I took some time stitching the zipper together. It worked and they zipped; it even seemed pretty sturdy. I wore them earlier in the week (with a long shirt because I was paranoid) and they were fine. I guess I just tempted fate too much, because when I tried to zip them up at work today, my excellent craftsmanship failed me and my zipper was busted. The zipper of my pants was busted 5 minutes before I had to teach a class. I frantically pulled safety pins out of my purse. First I tried to pin inside my pants and be discrete, but that wasn't working so I just pinned across. I pulled my shirt down as far as I could (thankfully I wore a long shirt again because I was still paranoid) and hoped for the best.

Yeah, so I taught a class (pretty darn well given the circumstances) with safety pins holding my pants closed.

Lessons learned: Don't just pull stuff off the sales rack without examining it and making sure that it is okay. Also, don't have so much confidence in shoddy sewing skills.

I know that I could probably have a tailor fix them, but anytime I've brought clothes in with a messed up zipper, I never got it fixed because the repair cost more than the item was worth. Plus, I don't know if I could ever love these pants again when I remember the horror of realizing that the zipper was broken at work.

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