Monday, November 2, 2009

Selling to Co-workers - Where do you draw the line?

When I was a kid and I had to sell candy for my school, I would always ask my parents if they could just bring it to work to sell to their co-workers. Neither of them were allowed to sell stuff; since all of the coworkers had kids they quickly realized that it would become way too expensive if everyone brought in their candy, magazines, wrapping paper, girl scout cookies, or whatever else their kids were being forced to sell. Instead, I had to stand in front of stores, asking people if they would like to buy a chocolate bar. It was humiliating, but I did feel a twinge of pride when I would finally get to the bottom of that never ending box.

Lately the break room at work has become overrun with people selling stuff. There is a box of candy on every table with an envelope and a note. The candy never really bothered me too much, since it was for schools and it meant not having to go downstairs to get a chocolate fix.

But lately, people have just begun selling random stuff in the break room, for their own profit. The tables are littered with Avon catalogs, and last week one of my co-workers actually set up a little store on one of our lunch tables. Space in the break room is scarce, and now it has become a junk sale with $6 magnetic and copper bracelets, $2 tacky decorations, cheap picture frames, and other random crap.

Why does she get this retail space? I don't know if she asked permission (I doubt it), but does this mean that the break room will get even more cluttered with people hocking their wares.

Honestly, the whole thing really annoyed me. It just seems so incredibly tacky to try to profit off her co-workers with her crappy products.

What do you think? Would this bother you?


The Lost Goat said...

You have to give her prop for the balls to set up a second income stream at her first job. If I had to guess, I'd bet she thinks she's doing you a favor by selling her homemade-so-better-than-the-store stuff at a bargain price. I'd probably just avoid the break room until she gives it up - after all, who needs all the calories in that schoolkid candy anyway? But if I had to be in the break room for some reason, I don't think I'd find it too annoying, unless she tried to hard-sell me stuff. But I can't say for sure, as I've never been in that situation.

marlatiara said...

It would bother me HUGELY. That is totally inappropriate. It's one thing (and not necessarily *much* better) to mention to some co-workers that you do crafty things on the side. It's another to set up a SHOP. No. No. No.

me in millions said...

Ugh! I totally hate that... except when it is girl scout cookies. I don't want to buy magazines or wrapping paper or chocolate. I do want to buy thin mints and tagalongs.

Anny said...

Yeah if space were limited it would totally bother me! I'm always annoyed by having to overpay for kid's stuff anyway :P