Sunday, November 29, 2009

People Behaving Badly

We saw a woman acting like a total nut job at Starbucks today. She was screaming at the barista because she wanted him to pour cream in her coffee. He asked her how much she wanted, and she just went crazy. She was screaming (actually screeching) that he is supposed to make her coffee and she rejects the fact that there is cream and sugar on the counter, because the baristas make all the other drinks. It was completely bizarre and everyone in the store was staring and laughing at her, but she didn't seem to notice.

She was dressed in a very tacky nouveau riche outfit, with freshly manicured claws nails, and was carrying a garish purse. All the while, she screamed about how she wanted to be treated equally to everyone who ordered drinks that were made for them, while clearly demanding special treatment since she was ordering coffee.

She reminded a lot of this classy gal. Skip to 1:43. Wow.

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me in millions said...

Wow. Just wow. Just because you "have" money doesn't mean you have the right to treat people like garbage. I seriously live by the millionaire next door concept. You never know who has money that you think doesn't or doesn't have money but you think does. Treat everyone nice!

And that woman is quite the bridezilla.