Sunday, November 1, 2009

Oh Sephora...

Just when I said that I was getting better at curbing my spending, I find myself filling my shopping cart at Sephora. Granted it's mostly gifts, but I'm still not sure if I am going to place an order. Tomorrow is the last day of the Friends & Family Sale (use code FF2009 for 20% off) and I just saw that Ebates is offering 8% cash back. I'm going to wait until tomorrow to see if I still want to place the order.

They definitely have some cute gifts for Christmas though.

Cute Philosophy set! $15 (from $28) before the extra 20% off.

Pretty cute for $10! I love Dr. Pepper and I miss my Bonne Bell Dr. Pepper lip gloss, but I have allergies now so I wouldn't even be able to use this. :(

This is a cute set for $19.50.

Oh Sephora... I just can never stay away from you!


Anonymous said...

So did you end up buying?

Saving Cents in the City: said...

Anonymous - Nope. I filled up my cart, but then fought the urge.