Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bye Bye, Paycheck!

I was paying my credit card bills today, and I realized that I've definitely been a little bit out of control lately, but that is partially due to having to buy new work pants and also feeling inspired to buy my husband Christmas presents. Shopping is difficult for me because once I start, I find it very hard to go back to being frugal again.

The work pants situation is super frustrating though. It looks like I will be returning about $80 worth of stuff to Banana Republic, so at least my spending won't be too bad. I've always loved their Jackson fit pants because they fit my booty, but lately the Jackson fits have been awful! I ordered a few pairs on the website when I had my pants emergency, and when I got them I was horrified to find that they put pockets on the hips. The pants fit, but the pockets bunch funny and I am not a fan. So I will be returning a pair and dealing with the other pair and its weird pockets. Why oh why, did you put POCKETS on the hips of your CURVY dress pants, Banana Republic?!

It's situations like this that confirm my tendencies to stockpile. If only I bought more pairs of the fabulous Jackson fits from last year, then I wouldn't be forced to wear pants with weird, bunchy pockets.

Now, you might just be wondering why I don't just switch brands, but any curvy girl will tell you that to find pants that fit the booty and the waist is an absolute miracle. I just don't have the shopping fortitude to find new pants.

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