Friday, October 23, 2009

Wasting Money and Wasting Time

Remember that peach jam that I made in August? Well, I opened a jar of it this morning and it smelled like feet and death. I was so devastated! I spend $14 on peaches and spent HOURS peeling the peaches and burning my fingers a lot as I transfered them from boiling water to ice water. I threw the jar out and shed a little tear about the 4 other jars that are still in the closet.

I opened up another jar and thankfully it was fine! There is something about wasting food that just makes me so upset.

When I worked in food service I would become so angry when I would have to throw away whole cheesecakes that were perfectly fine because the store didn't have a policy on donating food. Last year I dropped a huge tub of organic yogurt on the floor and the container exploded. I was absolutely furious at my clumsiness.

The loss of my peach jam would have taken it a step further, since not only did I waste food, but I also wasted money and a lot of my time.

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sfordinarygirl said...

That's odd. Did you boil the lids and the jars? That's the only thing I can think of that would lead to the jam smelling like feet and death.