Saturday, October 3, 2009

Earn More Challenge Results!

I participated in The Good Life on a Budget's Earn More Challenge for September. I'll admit that after my last post, I essentially petered out. Work is stressing me and I'm just too completely exhausted to do much of anything. I posted on September 14th that I had made an extra $88.38 so far. Since then, I added an extra $10 from an ING referral and $3 from Pinecone, making my total for September, $101.38.

However, though I petered out, my husband did quite the opposite. He has been purging our apartment of tons of video games and DVDs. In September he added an additional, $316.18!

That's means all together we added $417.56 during the month of September! We used the extra money to pay for our car inspection and new front brakes, and then plan on saving the rest.

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