Saturday, October 24, 2009

Credit Card Confusion

I just opened up and examined my credit card statement and I was confused about a particular charge for $10.86. I couldn't remember spending that amount at this store. So I did some digging in my email and I found the confirmation for this purchase, but it should have been for about $14.50.

Should I be concerned about this? Why would they charge me for less than they confirmed? It wasn't for clothes, so it wouldn't be for a tax issue. The charge was on 10/11, so if they were going to charge me for the rest, would they have done it already?

Weird. Even though we aren't talking about big numbers, it's still making me feel like I should cut down on using my credit cards and pay in cash more often.

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Revanche said...

If the statement hasn't closed yet, I'd keep an eye on the card activity. Is there a chance the business where you used the card was shady? I had an issue with mischarged amounts twice this summer. The first was fraudulent activity, the second was just weird stuff charged by FedEx Kinko's that cleared up after a week.