Saturday, October 31, 2009

October Recap!

This month I was able to add $1600 to our savings account! This puts us just $1200 away from having a fully funded emergency fund! After seeing our savings account balance so low last year after paying off the car and having to find a new apartment, I am thrilled that we are so close to this goal.

Our living situation has really inspired me to save. Our neighbors are obnoxious, and when they act up it makes our normally good sized apartment seem like a tiny, suffocating prison. Because of this, I've really controlled my urges to shop. I would have been able to put even more into savings, except two pairs of my work pants both became unwearable and unfixable within a few days of each other, so I had to replace them.

After the emergency fund is finished, I am going to split my efforts towards several directions. Because the rent comes out of my husband's paycheck, I am the primary saver. I think I will split the $1500 (the money saving goal) towards our house fund, a car fund (I do not want to be stuck with horrific car payments ever again), my Roth IRA, and my husband's student loans. We'll still have to figure out how this all will work out, but I am excited to finally be making progress.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Credit Card Confusion

I just opened up and examined my credit card statement and I was confused about a particular charge for $10.86. I couldn't remember spending that amount at this store. So I did some digging in my email and I found the confirmation for this purchase, but it should have been for about $14.50.

Should I be concerned about this? Why would they charge me for less than they confirmed? It wasn't for clothes, so it wouldn't be for a tax issue. The charge was on 10/11, so if they were going to charge me for the rest, would they have done it already?

Weird. Even though we aren't talking about big numbers, it's still making me feel like I should cut down on using my credit cards and pay in cash more often.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Wasting Money and Wasting Time

Remember that peach jam that I made in August? Well, I opened a jar of it this morning and it smelled like feet and death. I was so devastated! I spend $14 on peaches and spent HOURS peeling the peaches and burning my fingers a lot as I transfered them from boiling water to ice water. I threw the jar out and shed a little tear about the 4 other jars that are still in the closet.

I opened up another jar and thankfully it was fine! There is something about wasting food that just makes me so upset.

When I worked in food service I would become so angry when I would have to throw away whole cheesecakes that were perfectly fine because the store didn't have a policy on donating food. Last year I dropped a huge tub of organic yogurt on the floor and the container exploded. I was absolutely furious at my clumsiness.

The loss of my peach jam would have taken it a step further, since not only did I waste food, but I also wasted money and a lot of my time.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Finally: A deal on PG Tips!

A few months ago, I mentioned how much I loved PG Tips tea, and how sad I was that I ran out of it. Well Amazon finally put it on sale again! Granted, it isn't as good as the deal I mentioned last time, but I was able to get 4 boxes of 160 for $27.18, which I paid for in gift cards that I earned from Swagbucks. With this discount, it brings it to 4.2 cents a bag! Make sure you use the code "PGTPS444" and sign up for the "Subscribe and Save" discount - which you can cancel immediately after ordering.

You could also get 6 boxes of 40 for around $12, which would bring it to around 5 cents a bag.

This really is fabulous tea! I just hope that Amazon will bring the price down to the insane $3.68 for 640 tea bags that I got last year!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cheap and Awesome Music!

Thanks to Amazon's awesome deals and my stockpile of gift cards that I've earned from Swagbucks, I've been able to gets lots of new music lately. Last week I got The Cost by The Frames for $5 and today I got Mr. A-Z by Jason Mraz for $2.99! They keep discounting really amazing stuff! :)

September Recap!

I've finally gotten back on track for saving, and it is completely related to the fact that our neighbors are driving us crazy. All I want is to buy a house and not live in a little box anymore with stompy annoying people above us who blast bad music late into the night. I wasn't able to save $1500 this month, but it was only because I had to pay over $750 for car insurance. I did bank $750 from my second paycheck of the month though.

We are about $3000 away from having a fully funded emergency fund. Once that is done, then I'll probably split my efforts between saving for a house and paying down my husband's student loans, since his paychecks are tied up with our rent and his loans.

Earn More Challenge Results!

I participated in The Good Life on a Budget's Earn More Challenge for September. I'll admit that after my last post, I essentially petered out. Work is stressing me and I'm just too completely exhausted to do much of anything. I posted on September 14th that I had made an extra $88.38 so far. Since then, I added an extra $10 from an ING referral and $3 from Pinecone, making my total for September, $101.38.

However, though I petered out, my husband did quite the opposite. He has been purging our apartment of tons of video games and DVDs. In September he added an additional, $316.18!

That's means all together we added $417.56 during the month of September! We used the extra money to pay for our car inspection and new front brakes, and then plan on saving the rest.