Tuesday, August 4, 2009

An Ode to Tea

I am seriously in love with PG Tips tea, and I have a dilemma. I first purchased this tea from Amazon when they were having a ridiculous sale - and I purchased A LOT of it. I bought 4 boxes of 160 tea bags in September 2008 and I am halfway through my last box.

Here's the problem though: this tea is pretty pricey. The four boxes of tea that I purchased are about $45 on Amazon right now. However, Amazon occasionally has crazy sales that would bring the price much much lower.

I probably have enough tea for another month or so, and I am debating what I should do. It seems like the last crazy tea deal happened in March. Should I take my chances and hope for another deal, or should I just order the crazy expensive amazing tea?

I was curious to see how much I paid when I ordered it, so I looked it up in my account from Amazon. (Side note: It is kind of freaky/amazing that you can easily access any order you ever placed. Mine goes back to 1999! I think somewhere it will even tell you how many orders you have placed, but I pretty much blocked that number from my memory.) So anyway, remember this is $45 worth of tea, and I paid:

$3.68! Marked down from close to $40! For the best tea in the world!

At it's current price of $45, each tea bag will cost me 7 cents. I guess if another sale doesn't roll along that isn't bad. But just to make me feel sad, I originally bought this tea for .00575 cents a bag!


Betsy Bargain said...

Are you sure you can't find this tea cheaper somewhere locally? It used to be hard to find, but I think I've seen it in some local supermarkets lately (I'm in California). Congratulations on your earlier amazing deal!

Anonymous said...

Huge fan of PG Tips and Typhoo (I think they're from the same manufacturer, but I'm not 100% sure) from my years in the UK. It's not a specialty thing - it's in the same "class" as our Lipton and Tetley. Look in the foreign food section of your supermarkets - I can find it there from time to time at a reasonable price. Not $4 for 4 boxes, but not $45 either...$6/box rings a bell.

I also loved Scottish Blend, but it really doesn't taste as good when made with our water.

But if you ever see a deal like that Amazon one again, LET ME KNOW!! I'm accumulating those $5 GCs from Swagbucks...