Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lessons I Could Learn from My Younger Self - Value My Purchases

I thought about writing this post a few weeks ago, but it was all theoretical at that point. A few days ago, I really learned this lesson.

Back in January, I wrote a post about how I got a fabulous deal on a new purse. I stalked the website until it went on sale, and when I was able to combine coupons on top on it, I finally pounced. I really loved that purse, until a few days ago when I stupidly put a bottle of water in it while I was at the outlet mall with my mom. Even though I checked the cap a thousand times, somehow the bottle broke open and almost the whole bottle of water poured out into my purse. Thankfully my wallet and my cell phone were okay, but the purse was completely ruined.

I had just purchased a new purse at the Coach outlet, so I went to the car to switch them out right then and there. It reminded me a lot about going shopping when I was a kid. I remember going to the mall with my mom when I was young to buy new shoes, and every time we left the store with my old shoes in the box and my new shoes on my feet. I have to admit, this never happens now. I have shoes I have never worn, along with outfits I've never worn and bags I've never carried. Why? Why do I make these purchases and then never even use these items?

It took my ruined purse to bring this to my attention. When I went home, I used that water proofing spray for purses and shoes and actually used it to protect the items that I spend so much money on. I organized my bags that were strewn around my apartment. I took my shoes out of their boxes. I also went through the items that I don't use anymore and got them ready to donate to charity.

Somehow along the way, I've developed a hoarding mentality. I buy for events that aren't even planned yet. I concoct scenarios that are unlikely to occur, and I buy. I stockpile and ignore.

Imagine how silly it would seem to a kid to go shopping and not even use what was purchased? Do you know any kids that wouldn't want to immediately play with their new toys? If I'm not experiencing joy and that desire from my purchases, I'm obviously doing something wrong.

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