Monday, July 6, 2009

Survey sites: HCD Surveys!

HCD Surveys is looking to increase their panel!

I participate in a bunch of different survey sites to make some extra money. I just got a referral link that I wanted to share for HCD Surveys. I actually really enjoy the surveys from this site because they are usually very quick and have video content which makes them pretty fun. For example, during the presidential campaign they frequently had surveys of campaign commercials or speeches and you would have to give your response as the video played. They sometimes even have text message surveys, like during the presidential debates to say who you thought won the argument.

What's really cool is that unlike other survey sites, they will actually email you will the results of the surveys a lot of the time so you can see what other people think about important issues.

You can cash out when you reach $10 and I've probably made around $40 from them so far! :)

If you sign up through my link and complete your profile you will earn $1.00 and I will get a little bit back as well.

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