Thursday, July 2, 2009

I love Swagbucks!

When I signed up for Swagbucks last November, I wasn't sure if I would ever win anything from them. I had signed up for plenty of sites in the past (anyone remember Blingo?) and the payout was very very minimum compared to the amount of time I spent wishing I would get something from them. But because of the awesome referral program, plus my own daily searching, I have gotten $120 in Amazon gift cards since then. Now, it may not seem like a lot, but keep in mind, this just takes a few minutes everyday. Everyday I just do a few searches on Swagbucks when I needed to search anyway, and I received anywhere from 1-10 SBs.

My favorite prize is definitely the Amazon gift card because it is so "cheap" - only 45 SBs for a $5 gift card. But now Swagbucks is offering $5 PayPal gift cards for 80 SBs, meaning now you can earn CASH just for spending a few minutes a day searching.

I would be thrilled if you would sign up through my referral! If you are just joining now, enter the code CASHISKING and you will start out with 5 SBs! I wish I was so lucky when I signed up. :)


Sarah Bee said...

I'm two bucks away from my first Amazon giftcard! So excited about that. :) You noticed I've finally been searching right?

Saving Cents in the City: said...

YAY!! :)

FB @ said...

It's the best! :)

I absolutely adore the program.

(Btw.. not to sound rude.. okay but maybe I'm being a bit whiny.. any reason why you do comment mods AND word verification? I can't read those squished letters.. and if you're going to moderate anyway...)

:D :D

Saving Cents in the City: said...

FB - lol i didn't even realize i had it set like that. i turned the word verification off. :)