Saturday, May 2, 2009

Triple coupons!

There are triple coupons at Waldbaum's this week, and I went a little crazy.  Awhile back I purchased 30 Muir Glen coupons, because I knew that when it came time for triple coupons I would get free organic tomatoes and tomato sauce.  Soon after I bought the coupons, there were triple coupons, but by the time I got to Waldbaum's there was only a few cans left.  I was kind of sad and I know that I gave a few coupons to my mom to try to use.

So on Thursday when I checked the circular online, I really hoped for triple coupons because the coupons were set to expire today.  Amazingly enough, it actually happened.

So yeah, I now have 23 cans of FREE Muir Glen organic tomatoes and tomato sauce.  I also got some other free and super cheap stuff, and it would have been even better but I guess the cashier missed a few coupons.

I really love triple coupons! :)


sarah swingset said...

i love the idea of you checking out with your cart full of tomatoes and handing in your pile of coupons with a big old grin like you are about to beat the tomato apolcolypse!

anyway, i guess i am a very novice coupon-er, but i did not even realize you could use multiples of the same coupon at one time as long as there are multiples of the item you are buying. is that the same with pretty much all grocery stores?

Saving Cents in the City: said...

sarah - yeah it should be the same at any grocery store. 1 coupon per item. I've never had any issues with that. I'm nuts so I bought the coupons on ebay and just waited for an opportunity to pounce! I'm using two cans in my dinner tonight. :)