Friday, May 22, 2009

Going over-budget but feeling okay

I've been feeling very spendy lately, but I've been trying to write down all of my shopping indiscretions to keep myself accountable.  Thankfully, my husband finally got the backpay that he was owed since the union finally signed their contract.  So for May we got an extra $1300!

Today we are going to Princeton, NJ, so we will certainly be spending even more money, but I refuse to feel bad about it.  We've saved $1500 this month like we planned, and we will be able to save a little bit more from the extra money we received.

I have to return the dress that I got from Banana Republic, and I'm disappointed.  But my shoes came from Piperlime and they look pretty fabulous.  

I also bought a bunch of stuff at the Craftacular last weekend:

I got this necklace from Brookadelphia.  I am an English teacher, so I really am a sucker for reading related things.

I also got these lovely ginkgo leaf earrings in silver from Erica Weiner Jewelry.

As I was walking through the aisles I stopped because something smelled SO AMAZING.  It was this yummy lemongrass sage soap from Oliba.  I also got ginger pear and almond & honey.

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