Friday, May 15, 2009

Buying new music and reminiscing

I just bought the new Green Day album via download from Amazon.  Green Day is such an interesting band for me, because I vividly remember buying "Dookie" in 1994 as one of my first CD purchases ever.  15 years ago!!

I had just gotten my birthday money from my grandmother and I begged my mother to take my to "The Wiz" (as in "nobody beats the...") to get the new Green Day album.  I paid something stupid like $16.99 for the album, but I guess it was worth it because I still do love it.  $16.99 out of my birthday money was a huge amount for me, and in this case it at least paid off.  But I can remember countless other times where I spent that much on albums that I didn't even end up liking that much.  

It's amazing how much has changed.  In 1994 there weren't too many ways that a kid could hear new music: radio, MTV, maybe friends.  But now, you can listen to virtually anything for free, so you can avoid making horrible music purchases like I have in the past.  

Anyway, I think it is interesting that 15 years ago I paid $16.99 for a new album, and today I just paid $4.99 for the download the day that it was released.  (wow. FIFTEEN YEARS!)


sarah swingset said...

oh nostalgia! dookie was one of my first tapes too. i was worried my parents would get mad and me because it was parental advisory and i was in 5th grade, but my dad was happy i was interested in rock n roll and getting over my brief 4th grade love afair with a salt and pepa tape someone made me. green day was also my first concert in 5th grade with my dad. i will probably get this new album too! :)

Forest said...

My first CD was The Sign from Ace of Base. That was a great disc. :)