Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekly recap

I can't believe my week off is coming to an end.  Now we are in the final stretch until June.  So this week has been pretty productive.  Last Sunday, I tried making bread for the first time ever, and it was pretty successful.  Since then, I made bread two more times.  Even though it takes so long, the process is oddly satisfying.  I'm sad that with school starting again, I won't have time to make bread anymore. :(  

This is the recipe that I used.  Even though my bread was delicious, it never looked as perfect as it does in those pictures.

I met up with friends a few times this week as well, which was fun because once school starts I NEVER go out.

On Tuesday, my husband and I tried to go to a restaurant that I had received a gift certificate for through a promotion.  We've failed at trying to go to this restaurant before, so we were really excited.  Finally it seemed like it was going to work, until we found that the restaurant had closed down.  Thank goodness no one actually paid for the gift certificate, but still, it was pretty disappointing.

Then on Friday, we decided to take advantage of my husband's work ID that would let us both get into any museum for free.  We had initially planned to go to four museums, but then realized that would be kind of insane, so we went to MoMA and The Met.  We also went to Alice's Tea Cup, which is pretty amazing!  We got two pots of tea and the mad hatter tray with sandwiches, cookies, and these amazing pumpkin scones.  YUM!

Now I have another loaf of bread rising in the kitchen, almost ready to go in the oven.  I'm trying to enjoy my last day off, but I am SO SAD about going back to school tomorrow.

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