Monday, April 6, 2009

This mouse is ruining my budget!

Last night, at 2am, we were finally victorious against the mouse.  I am still so stressed and tired, and I can't just wait to put this drama behind us.  I'm very anxious, and I am just praying that this mouse was a lone wanderer and not a sign of something worse to come.

Dealing with this mouse is really starting to be a financial annoyance as well.  First of all, since the beast decided to run (and poop) all over the counters, we have to throw out some food: a five pound bag of flour, a bag of barley, a bag of lentils, a box of pop tarts.  Some bananas that were looking good for banana bread took a turn for the worse in the past few days that we have blocked off the kitchen, and had to be thrown out this morning as well.

My husband went out a bought a few glue traps (I think $3 each), but then his exterminator father brought us about 25 more glue traps.  After a particularly brazen incident, we created a perimeter of glue traps which ultimately led to the capture of the mouse.  I couldn't even imagine the expense of buying all those traps, and I feel like the sheer volume of them was the only thing that actually worked.

We also filled up holes in the walls, to try to keep the beasts out.  We used some weird foamy caulk stuff.  I don't know how much that cost since my husband's dad also brought that for us.

We did some research online and apparently mice really hate peppermint oil.  So there is another $7 gone for tiny bottles of oil.  We will dilute it in water and spray it around the kitchen.

Also, I still can't use the kitchen.  We are going to keep the traps down for a few more days, plus I am still completely disturbed from seeing the mouse running on the counters by the food.  I was going to buy breakfast and lunch today, but I just couldn't do it.  So my very kind husband helped me to gather some food.  We're going to grab some pizza tonight, but at least it wasn't as bad as buying food all day.

And also, apparently even though I understand that stress makes me want to shop, it doesn't matter, because I did order a few things from Banana Republic last night.


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sarah swingset said...

wow, that is all super intense. this is one of those things that makes me happy to be a renter so i can make my landlord take care of that kind of stuff. i hope they are gone for good! a lot of animals hate peppermint, so the oil could be really great for other unwanted guests like fleas and ants! so at least it is a multipurpose $7 bottle. :)