Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekend update

Yesterday we used some more free movie passes to finally see Watchmen, which was pretty amazing.  The movie was pretty empty but a few minutes in a family walked in - a family with small children!  Amazingly the kids were quiet, but I would have to imagine that it would have been pretty disturbing for them.  I mean, there was a pretty brutal rape scene, tons of violence and dismembered body parts, and blue male genitalia.  

Then we went for sushi, which was delicious, but kind of expensive.  But so delicious...

Then today, we went to CVS and I spent a lot of money (but not really in the grand scheme of things) but we needed some cleaning supplies and other random things.

For dinner tonight, I made mushroom barley soup with spinach and it was pretty good.  I'm really trying to make new things for dinner and try out new recipes.  So then for dessert I made Chocolate Guinness cupcakes with Baileys frosting and OMG YUM!  I doubled the amount of frosting, but next time I might make even more because it was SO GOOD!


Fabulously Broke said...

1. Glad I avoided Watchmen. Even I can't stomach that.

2. Mmm sushi.

3. Cupcakes? *drool* I can't wait to eat one really fat, expensive one in NC.

sarah swingset said...

mm!! those look wonderful! i've been wanting to try out the guiness recipe for awhile!!!