Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I sent in an old first generation ipod shuffle to Flipswap.  I had heard good things about them, but now I'm really annoyed.  So this shuffle, which I know was fine before I sent it, apparently has "bad/frozen" software so I don't get the money that they quoted and I also can't get the shuffle back.  I sent an email to them and I just got a lame response that repeated the whole "bad/frozen software" nonsense.  I really don't understand how a company could think that repeating themselves could help to solve a problem at all.  I asked questions - give me real answers!  Not just something that I already read in the first lame email!

Whatever, it's not like it was really worth that much, but I'm really annoyed about the canned answer.  Plus, the Ipod was fine! Grrrr!

Update: Flipswap is a total scam.  They never even responded to my email.  I hope those thieves enjoy my Ipod.

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Jen said...

After reading this, and having second-thoughts about such sites...I'm glad I lost my password! I hope things get straightened out. Stupid company. They know that you won't go into anything they've got the upper hand.