Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Stockpile FAIL

I started cleaning out my pantry today, and I'm really annoyed at how much food has gone to waste.  Last year, I placed two orders (I know I should have learned at order #1) for groceries on that led to my stockpiling fail.  Both times the deals were outstanding, and they were for products that we ate all the time.  In both cases I received products that were very close to their sell by dates - between 1-3 months away.  

Unfortunately, once the quantity of the once prohibitively expensive food became available to me, I completely lost interest and it was left to languish on the shelves untouched for months.

Now I have a lot of "expired" food - most from June to August 2008.  Now I know that eating it will most likely not kill me, but it depresses me nonetheless.

So I'm getting rid of the food today.  It makes me feel terrible, but at least I've learned a lesson: don't even attempt to buy in bulk unless I can determine the quality of the food before I purchase it.

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Another said...

I feel your pain! (Although I had no idea you could buy food on!) I recently made a similar post on my blog about food going to waste:
In my case thought it was my own fault for lack of planning (ie. meal planning etc).