Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day will definitely be pretty cheap this year.  We aren't going out, and instead I am making short ribs, which is all my husband wanted anyway.  So I spent about $10 for everything I need for dinner.  It's pretty bizarre to cook dinner at 10am, but now all I have to do is make mashed potatoes later.

I am the worst present giver EVER.  I bought him a gift for Valentine's Day two months ago that I already gave to him because I was excited.  So then I went and bought another gift that has been sitting out in plain sight for a few weeks.  I should probably get around to wrapping that at some point before he gets home from work.

If I feel ambitious, I want to try baking something yummy for dessert.  These blondies are looking pretty good right now!

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