Friday, January 2, 2009

A story of sadness and redemption

I had ordered a few things for my husband for Christmas from Express.  There was a sale and coupons, so I just couldn't pass it up.  So I called him over (because I'm really terrible at surprises) and he picked out a few work shirts and a tie.  He actually was really excited about the tie.  So anyway, I had never ordered from Express online before, and this order was kind of weird from the beginning.

Granted, I hadn't been paying very close attention, but the order got split into different shipments and after a few weeks I had just assumed everything must have been there.  For some reason I didn't bother opening the packages until a few days before Christmas when I had to wrap them.  (Yes, I wrapped the presents even though he knew what was in them.)

So anyway, I open up the packages and there was no tie.  I checked my email confirmations and I realize that it had never shipped and this was almost a month after I ordered.

I called Express and asked about my order.  "Oh, the tie was back ordered."  I asked if I would be receiving it.  "No.  We don't do that."

So I hang up and I'm feeling kind of annoyed about the whole situation.  They had no intention of shipping the item and they didn't even tell me.

So I told my husband and he was bummed.  We had even seen the tie in the store the week before, and he really loved it.  I wanted to go out and check the store, but alas, I had no car since I had gotten into accident and it was in the shop.  We went into Manhattan the next day and went over to check for the tie.  Initially it seemed like they didn't have it and I was feeling majorly guilty.  But he got on the floor and started checking behind everything and he eventually found the last tie.  Victory!

So anyway, tie crisis averted.  That afternoon I checked my email and I see the cancellation notice from Express.  I was still feeling kind of annoyed because I think that my calling and saying I never got a notice, prompted the notice.

The next day I randomly got a survey invitation to evaluate my experience with Express and I explained the whole situation.

Then today I received a $25 Express gift certificate in the mail with a letter apologizing for the inconvenience.  It was dated from the day that I made the phone call.

So anyway, kind of random, but cool that they sent the gift card.  I definitely had not been expecting anything.

I just wish I knew why they sent the gift card.  Whether it is just what they do, or if my call or survey prompted them to send it.

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Brian said...

Are you talking about a green tie that is kind of like a plaid design? I own that tie from Express and I think it is totally worth crawling on the floor to find one. I'm happy that your husband got it!